Georgian Honey Producing and Exporting Company
Georgian Honey Producing and Exporting Company
Our honey is gluten and fat free
Our honey passes all laboratory tests and meets European quality standards.
Our honey is raw and unfiltered! We never over heat our honey just strain and remove large debris but it is not filtered. Therefore, all of the natural enzymes, pollens, amino acids, vitamins, minerals etc remain intact.
Our honey extracted throughout each season and bloom or nectar flow. Most of apiaries is located in mountain meadows.
The world learned about uniqueness of Georgian Bee in 1961 at the international exhibition in Germany. Two bee families collected 97.3 kg of honey and received
a gold medal.
We offer a selection of the best Georgian honey. Quality is our main priority.
Varieties of our Honey
We produce this variety of honey at a 2400-meter altitude up in the mountains of Adjara region.

Honey has a liquid consistency. It is a dark amber color, with shades of red. The odour is very intense, slightly pungent. Not too sweet. It has a bitter aftertaste.

Try this honey with fresh cheese or some cold cuts.
Chestnut Honey
We collect this variety of honey in June in the Samegrelo region in the West of Georgia.

The intensity of the aroma and the taste is stronger than the color may suggest. Ideal for teas, its unique taste is herbal with a near citrus sweetness.
Linden Honey
We produce this variety of honey in the wine region of Georgia – Kakheti. The encirclement of the Caucasus Mountains creates a special terroir for a plant.

A highly appreciated honey thanks to its fine aroma and its peculiarity to remain liquid much longer than other honeys. It is also an excellent sweetener because it is very rich in fructose. The flavor is very sweet with traces of vanilla.

Try it with herbal cheeses, or use it to make pies or cookies.
Acacia Honey
This honey is filtered from the hives of the bees that collect nectar in the forest of chestnut and linden in Adjara near Black Sea coast.

The color may vary as it depends on the blend. This is our favorite honey - with its complex but not overpowerful woody and warm aroma.

Perfect in the morning for breakfast.
Mixed Chestnut and Linden Honey
We always pour our honey into glass jars. It is eco-friendly. The standard volume is 700 grams of honey, but we have options for jars: 330 grams and 20 grams
Delivery terms
We export honey from Georgia to distributors and retailers across Europe.

Each batch of honey undergoes strict laboratory tests necessary for further export.

After signing the agreement and prepayment, we proceed to prepare you order. Usually we make the first delivery to new buyer within 30 days.

We require a 50% advanced payment but in certain cases the advanced payment can be lower or higher than tha defined rate.

Minimal order is 1000 kg of honey.
When we ship our honey to international customers, we label them clearly with a Georgian flag to distinguish their source and quality