Lamaria LCC is a creative Georgian company that develops the production of the highest-quality honey in a range of leading Georgian honey regions. We export honey from Georgia to distributors and retailers across Europe.

With a 100% customer-oriented attitude, we deliver on our promises and we are always ready to meet the needs of our partners.
About us
Growing together since 2021
Participation in the International Exhibition SIAL
Product line stretching: now we have four types of honey
Opening new honey season
opening new headquarters in Ostrava (Czech Republic)
opening of a subsidiary company “Hey, Honey!” LCC. and the beginning of sales of honey gift sets in the local market.
The first delivery of honey to Czech Republic and expansion into Europe
Initiation of distribution to the Czech Republic and Poland
Obtaining a certificate HACCP for the production of honey
The foundation of Lamaria LCC
Lamaria is the name of the goddess of the hearth and beekeeping in Georgian mythology.
Why Honey from Georgia?
Because Georgians were not only the world's first winemakers, but they were also pioneering beekeepers
Because Georgia is a homeland of the world-renowned Mountain Grey Caucasian Honey Bee – the strongest species of bees
Because there are a lot of mountain meadows here which are not polluted by agriculture and industry
Because here is about 250 endemic types of flowers and plants that give a special taste to honey
We have all necessary regulatory documents for sale of Georgian honey to foreign buyers